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Are Staff Operation Issues Costing you Time and Money?

Leading You into a Leaner Future of Healthcare Operations

StaffReady® is a family of online medical staff scheduling software and more that will lower your medical staff operational costs and save you time. Its unique integration, competency-based architecture, and focus on medical staff needs will streamline your complex scheduling, inspection preparedness, and proficiency maintenance efforts across a variety of departments, hospitals, imaging centers and reference laboratories. Put the power of StaffReady®‘s integrated family of online medical staff scheduling software and more to work for you.

Online Medical Staff Scheduling Software and More

 automated medical staff scheduling  Smart, online medical staff scheduling software that improves employee morale and optimizes staffing levels, with flexibility to customize for each department’s complex scheduling needs. Read more.
 medical inspection preparedness software Medical inspection checklist, policy and competency management software that helps multiple departments or license sites prepare for inspections. Read more.
 medical staff education software Medical staff education and process documentation software that improves employee productivity and ensures maintenance of individual staff proficiency across all hospital and specialty care departments. Read more.

StaffReady®’s Powerful Features and Benefits

StaffReady®‘s product integration and cloud-based software approach deliver these powerful features and benefits to your hospital, radiology department, reference laboratory, imaging center, or ancillary services department:

StaffReady® in Industry

Centralized Database in the Cloud
  • Easy, convenient, real-time and 24×7 access to always-current data in the system by all medical staff

Unlimited Storage for all Data and Workflows
  • Easy scalability of system as number of users and departments grow

Centralized Product Login
 staffready login
  • Faster, easier logins and seamless integration between all products

Remote Access
 convenient access from anywhere
  • Convenience of StaffReady access extended to medical staff outside main facility via a web browser on any device, from desktop to tablet to smart phone

Personalized Calendar View
 medical staff scheduling calendar
  • Streamlined visibility of tasks and schedules by consolidating into one customized view for each user

Comprehensive Reporting
medical staff scheduling reports
  • Transparent view of key elements in all three products (e.g. labor scheduling, checklist task completion, proof of individual competencies) across multiple departments and locations

Integrated Product Help and Training Library
medical staff software help
  • Help, feedback and tool tip links instantly accessible within the software
  • Flexible, self-paced user learning with access to dozens of video tutorials and quick reference guides

Guided Implementation Service by Knowledgeable Staff
Cloud-based medical staff scheduling software and more
  • Accelerated adoption of products

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