Are Medical Staff Scheduling Issues Impacting Morale and Your Bottom Line?

ScheduleReady® improves medical staff morale and optimizes staffing levels with its smart and automated medical staff scheduling capabilities. ScheduleReady® is one of three products in the StaffReady® family of cloud-based products.schedule_withR_web

ScheduleReady® transforms complex hospital, imaging center, and reference lab staff scheduling from a frustrating, sometimes political process to an open, transparent one, improving morale and productivity. ScheduleReady® takes the stress out of juggling shift trading, staff shortages, fractured schedule communications, and union regulations regarding staff qualifications.

ScheduleReady’s Medical Staff Scheduling Software

ScheduleReady® in Industry

Icon-rich Dashboards

Icon-rich dashboard
  • Instant awareness and management of scheduling-related tasks and issues across the entire organization, including multiple sites

Smart, Automated Scheduling that Factors in Competency

Smart Scheduling that factors in competency
  • Improved employee morale by balancing competency rotations in a fair and equitable manner
  • Increased efficiency of entire team by ensuring only correctly skilled employees are scheduled in areas where required

Powerful Shift Trade and Shift Bidding Tools

Shift Trade and Shift Bidding Tools
  • Staff empowered to manage their own schedules, increasing job satisfaction

Dynamic Scheduling with Built-in Rotations and Templates

Built-in rotations
  • Easy accommodation of unique scheduling needs such as double-back scheduling, weekend rotations, holidays, seniority, night/day shifts, and double-shifting.
  • Reduced stress and increased peace of mind knowing that all complex scheduling needs are handled

Smart Alerts and Automated Email Notification

Smart Alerts
  • Real-time awareness of overtime, shift coverage shortages, and breaches in custom schedule rules
  • Streamlined communication with all stakeholders regarding skill and shift requirements, changes
  • Increased transparency and accountability around all scheduling requirements

Schedule Forecasting

Schedule Forecasting
  • Potential overtime issues avoided
  • Proactive attention to shift distribution, preventing burnout or disgruntled staff

Consolidated Workflows

Consolidated workflows
  • Multiple staffing tasks completed faster within one intuitive editing environment

Transparent Vacation and Leave Management

 Transparent Leave Management
  • Improved employee morale due to up-to-date visibility of all vacation and leave requests
  • Increased peace of mind knowing all vacations are handled properly in accordance with schedule coverage and other leave approval rules and considerations

Audit Trail Throughout

Audit Trail of Schedule Edits
  • Improved accountability and transparency around schedule, employee, job changes
  • Schedule administration team ‘in the know’ about any edits

Schedule Editor Explain Mode

Schedule Editor Explain Mode
  • Increased insight around system-generated schedule, providing better diagnostic capability

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