Clinical Workforce Management Software

By Matt Swanson, Director of Operations, BS, MLS(ASCP), CLSSBB

July 29, 2019

Decades ago, automation changed the face of laboratory testing forever. However, the methods to manage the people staffing the laboratory have changed little:

The problems that arise from these outdated, unreliable systems also remain largely unchanged:

There’s little doubt that these systems — and their accompanying problems — exist today in laboratories across the country (take a look at any top-10 list of inspection deficiencies). They remain in use as there are few if any software solutions in the marketplace that can cover these foundational processes. Furthermore, attacking document control, staff scheduling, and competency assessments has meant purchasing three systems — and forget about integration.

That’s where StaffReady comes in. They design, sell, and service the StaffReady suite of Clinical Workforce Management Software. The goals are straightforward:

These problems, while seemingly mundane, can play a key role in job satisfaction and ultimately, in retention. These are the irritations that grind away at morale and drag a single department or an entire organization down. Think culture keywords like fairness, transparency, visibility, and accessibility.

Cost of Turnover

The cost to replace one position is estimated to run 20 to 50% of the annual cost of the position. This agrees with the findings of the 2018 ASCP Salary survey, which shows the time to fill a position being 3 to 6 months for a CLS position, and 3 to 12 months for a supervisor. Some sources put the number even higher at up to two times the annual salary. With the average annual salary of a bench CLS position at about $68,000, and that of a manager at about $86,000, a laboratory could easily be looking at $13,600, and as much as $172,000 of avoidable cost. Keeping in mind that these costs are per vacancy, and the sums are truly staggering.

Clinical Workforce Management Software

StaffReady’s suite of integrated modules automates and simplifies the processes of document control, staff scheduling, and competency assessments. Their powerful integration adds even more value — add an employee to a new bench on the schedule, and the competency assessments for that area of testing are automatically assigned. Create an exam or competency document in document control, and it is secure and unalterable.

Automation has changed the face of laboratory analysis. Now you can automate laboratory staff management, as well.

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Matt Swanson, Director of Operations, BS, MLS(ASCP), CLSSBB

Matt Swanson is the Director of Operations at StaffReady. He came to StaffReady with 29 years of experience in the clinical laboratory, with roles varying from Bench Tech to Operations Management to Consultant to Business Intelligence Analyst.  He became a Certified Lean Six-Sigma Black Belt in 2017. Find Matt on LinkedIn.