Customer Testimonials

"I've been doing this 30 years and with StaffReady, I can finally stop worrying about citation for competency records."
Scott Mattivi (Operations Manager)
"There is no more thankless job than managing schedules. I've managed schedules for 35 years and it is a contentious issue with an often negative impact on staff. I applaud you for finding a solution for such a complex problem."
Don Toussaint (Lab Director)
Legacy Health
"StaffReady Competency is extremely comprehensive and the customizability is remarkable! With the time-sensitive nature of competency assessment, it’s great to have people who are so responsive and willing to adapt to our needs!"
Danai Wells (CLS Training Coordinator)
"We were spending nearly 11,000 hours per year with a salary cost of close to half a million dollars building schedules and managing all the subsequent changes. We’re saving both time and cost by using StaffReady Scheduling, which also delivers a more dynamic and accurate staff schedule."
Norma Page (VP Laboratory Operations)
"The amount of time StaffReady Competency saves us is phenomenal. I don’t spend hours of my day figuring out who needs assessments, tracking down supervisors, and rearranging benches. With StaffReady I spend 10 minutes instead of the whole day."
Renata Carson (Assistant Laboratory Manager)
"I've been on the lookout for something for years that was cost-effective, and something I felt I could work with. Other products didn't seem to offer the full breadth of functionality that StaffReady competency does."
Scott Mattivi (Lab Manager)
"I cut my workload time in doing the schedule by probably at least half. Maybe even more so. We’ve had a change in staffing and with everyone set up, a six-hour task is now an hour to two."
Sue Podawiltz (MLT)
LRG Healthcare
"I appreciate the support team’s quick responses and patience with our questions as we learn and utilize StaffReady Competency. The open dialogue we created through the implementation process will continue to help us maintain and continually improve the competency assessment process. I am reassured to know the support team is there to keep us going."
Julie Geremski (Lab Technician)
"Customer service is fantastic with StaffReady. They’re very quick to respond and to be accommodating. They’re flexible and responsive. If we have an issue, they’re quick to investigate and solve. They’re quick to get back to you and are able to fix your issues."
Tiffani Bussie (Medical Laboratory Scientist)
Alverno Laboratories
"StaffReady customized the product to our needs. They came on-site for implementation and were very personable. I have 2-3 people I can work with."
Michelle Stevens-Brioschi (Clinic Lab Manager)
"The thing I liked most about StaffReady was working with the StaffReady software team. We had regular work group meetings where we could bring up challenges that we had and StaffReady would work with us to evaluate and update its software to meet our needs. They were great to work with, both very reactive and proactive."
Josh Buessing (Lab Manager)
Pathologists' Regional Laboratory


Most healthcare leaders face complex demands and regulatory pressures with too few resources. StaffReady’s scheduling and compliance solutions simplify operations so you can sleep at night.