StaffReady Partnership Transitions

By Matt Swanson, Director of Operations, BS, MLS(ASCP), CLSSBB

April 23, 2021

The StaffReady suite of products has enjoyed significant growth since its launch in 2002. What started as a single pharmacy schedule in 2003 has expanded to hundreds of clients in multiple hospital departments across the US and Canada.

In 2006, StaffReady entered into a reseller agreement with Pharmacy OneSource, a company based in Madison, WI. Pharmacy OneSource was eventually acquired by Wolters-Kluwer, based in the Netherlands. During this time, StaffReady’s products were sold under the names ScheduleReady, Schedule OneSource, and ScheduleRx.

This reseller agreement has come to an end, and for some clients, that means some changes. We wanted to address those changes here, and to invite discussion.

What is changing?

The major change is that those Clients previously contracted through Wolters-Kluwer will now contract directly with StaffReady. Over the course of the next several months, our Sales team will be in touch with each affected client to discuss this change. Another positive change is that StaffReady is offering exciting new contracting and payment options that were not available through Wolters-Kluwer. These options can provide more flexible and budget-friendly payment options and also allow clients to lock-in pricing for up to five years.

Our team of Customer Success Managers will be in contact as well, assuring that each Client receives the information, training, and assistance required to maintain a successful relationship with StaffReady. They will be the chief points of contact when renewal time comes around.

Transitions usually uncover challenges, so we appreciate your patience.

What isn’t changing?

StaffReady’s hardware infrastructure and software reliability remain amongst the best in the industry, with a guaranteed 99.9% uptime. We’ve upgraded our hardware, providing greater redundancy and reliability. Our operations stack is best-in-class and continuously monitored to provide excellent service.

StaffReady’s Technical Support commitment to each Client remains the same. We remain dedicated to provide the support needed within each Client’s organization to receive full value of the StaffReady suite of products. We’ve reduced our case resolution time, and are always looking for ways to better support our Clients. Your best method of contacting Support is to email

What does the future hold?

In short, new features and a new product. This summer, StaffReady will be releasing at least two new features in our Scheduling module: Geolocation and Schedule Cost. Geolocation aids in locating the closest available staff members to fill an unexpected gap in a schedule – perfect for larger clients with multiple locations that are geographically diverse. Schedule Cost will allow Schedule Admins to predict the cost of a specific schedule, and work up different coverage scenarios with an eye towards keeping costs under control.

Our new product is Checklist. Checklist is designed to be a means of documentation for tasks in a highly regulated healthcare environment. It’s perfect for medication unit inspections, USP 797 documentation, laboratory QA tasks, and more. We’ll have more news about Checklist and its features as well as a launch date in the weeks to come.

Our Thanks

Finally, we’d like to offer our thanks to all of our clients for the tremendous dedication and hard work you have all shown this past year during the pandemic. We are proud to have been a supportive part of this effort, and we look forward to working with you in the months and years to come.

If you have questions about Sales, contracting, or any of our products, please reach out to us at

~ The StaffReady Team

Photo Credits: KAZUMA SEKI and trevor pye

Matt Swanson, Director of Operations, BS, MLS(ASCP), CLSSBB

Matt Swanson is the Director of Operations at StaffReady. He came to StaffReady with 29 years of experience in the clinical laboratory, with roles varying from Bench Tech to Operations Management to Consultant to Business Intelligence Analyst.  He became a Certified Lean Six-Sigma Black Belt in 2017. Find Matt on LinkedIn.