Document Control

StaffReady’s Document Control takes the hassle out of paperwork while still retaining a robust audit trail. Create and edit documents, send them for approval, and review them in any location at any time. We help you manage documents with ease so you can focus on what matters most.

Survey Readiness

Survey Readiness is more akin to a long journey than it is to a destination. Realities in your institution will change – but the need to immediately locate approved documents will not.  Have an audit trail for document review and approval and a list of all workers that have read the document all at your fingertips. 

Review & Sign Documents

Need multiple people to sign off on a document? No problem! Instead of hassling with countless emails or interoffice mail routing, we’ll track and send documents for review and signature for you right in the portal.


Ever tried searching for an important document either in a file cabinet or online system? What is the document named? What version is the newest? It can be a day’s work just to find the right document. Whether you want to search by document creator, keywords, or reviewers, our search feature makes finding what you need a breeze.

Publish & Control Printed Documents

The reality is, you will need to print some documents, but we’d like to make it a little easier. Once your document has an assigned number in the system, print it out and you’ll be able to find its digital version easily down the road.


Most healthcare leaders face complex demands and regulatory pressures with too few resources. StaffReady’s scheduling and compliance solutions simplify operations so you can sleep at night.