7 Features to Look For in Pharmacy Management Software

By Francis Okeke, PharmD

January 28, 2022

7 Features to Look Out for in Pharmacy Management Software

For pharmacists and pharmacy managers, Pharmacy Management Software (PMS) is one of the most important resources for the pharmacy. The Pharmacy Management Software is a system that helps store data and automates processes in the pharmacy. These processes can range from patient information to routine inspection to staff rotation, among others.

Pharmacy Management Software allows pharmacists and pharmacy managers to leverage technology to get better results from the pharmacy's operations. This software is designed to help ensure seamless pharmacy management based on relevant data. However, considering the myriad of software options being developed by the day, this article highlights some important features to look out for when choosing Pharmacy Management Software for your pharmacy.

What to Look for When Choosing Pharmacy Management Software

1. User Management Modules

Pharmacy Management Software must allow multiple users. This feature is particularly important for large pharmacies. Large pharmacies tend to have a higher number of workers. Also, there are more processes to oversee.

Access to the Pharmacy Management Software should be tiered, allowing workers varying levels of access to data and features of the software. The level of access depends on each worker's job description. Every worker should have access to the software features needed to do their job.

Pharmacists and other relevant administrative personnel should have admin access to the software, while other workers can have limited access based on their roles.

2. Remote Usage Features

Pharmacy managers and administrators often work remotely with Pharmacy Management Software. This makes remote features important for pharmacy managers and other administrators who might not always be available on-site to run things at the pharmacy.

Remote usage features allow the pharmacy manager to access relevant data and reports to make necessary management decisions on the go. Some software offers special notifications and alerts when necessary. This can be a handy feature in inventory control, staff shift management, routine inspections, etc.

Pharmacy Management Software with remote usage allows managers to access the software from multiple devices and store relevant data on a secure cloud.

3. Audit and Reporting

Reporting is pivotal to managing any organization efficiently. With efficient data and adequate reporting, relevant authorities can make the best decisions on how to move the pharmacy forward. For a pharmacy, reports help every stakeholder make the best decisions from the pharmacist, pharmacist manager, sales executives, doctors, etc. A good Pharmacy Management Software can help generate these reports easily, giving relevant insights on specific and the overall performance of the pharmacy.


the Pharmacy Management Software should help monitor routine activities, e.g. medication unit inspections, inventory checks, etc.

4. User Friendliness

One of the major challenges of leveraging technological tools in management is user-friendliness. Pharmacy Management Software tools often require multiple users, meaning several workers use them within the pharmacy. It is important to ensure that all the workers in the pharmacy can easily navigate the software in performing their roles.

A Pharmacy Management Software that is not user-friendly might have a negative effect on the overall performance of the pharmacy as the efficiency of workers can be appreciably affected by this. Also, a hard-to-use software can mean increased human resource costs as using such software might require comprehensive staff training.

5. Communication Management

Another feature to look out for in Pharmacy Management Software is the available internal communication options. Great Pharmacy Management Software allows pharmacy workers to send messages within the organization using the software. This helps ensure faster and more efficient communication, particularly relating to business operations and making the best decisions for patients and the pharmacy overall.

Apart from communicating, workers can share important documents with the software. Pharmacists can share relevant patient information shared with doctors and other professionals involved in treatment plans and vice versa.

6. Customization and Integration

Based on certain peculiarities of your business, there might be a need to create certain custom features in the pharmacy management system. Some software allows an appreciable level of customization based on the peculiar needs of the pharmacy. This is a great feature for pharmacists and pharmacy managers to look out for when choosing a Pharmacy Management Software. With this feature, Pharmacy Management Software is easy to adapt and use.

For instance, hospital pharmacies that might need to schedule a routine inspection of medication units, cleaning of PPEs, and some other extended functions of the pharmacy might require specialized software designed for this purpose.

7. Security and Compliance

This is a vital feature to look out for when choosing Pharmacy Management Software. Data security is essential in every business. It is even more important for pharmacies considering the need to keep patients' information private. A Pharmacy Management Software should have relevant security measures to give pharmacists and pharmacy managers the confidence to run other aspects of operating the pharmacy.

Apart from keeping the data secure, the selected Pharmacy Management Software should also be compliant with the regulations in the area of practice.

Choosing a Pharmacy Management Software

When choosing a Pharmacy Management Software, it is important to look out for these basic features. Another important consideration in choosing software is looking out for the pharmacy processes that are to be digitized. Apart from these basic features, some Pharmacy Management Software also allows users advanced features like inspection scheduling, process audit, etc.

Considering the important features highlighted above, pharmacy managers and administrators can make the best decisions when choosing Pharmacy Management Software for the pharmacy. Some software is specialized for certain functions, giving them certain added features. Irrespective of the kind of Pharmacy Management Software you are considering, the features highlighted are essential to give you a seamless experience using whichever Pharmacy Management Software you choose.

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Francis Okeke, PharmD

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