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Checklist, like our other StaffReady products, takes the headache out of managing a multitude of detail intensive activities and allows you to create intuitive checklists. 

Every activity or task within any pharmacy you operate can be easily managed, automated, and tracked all from a central place. In addition, you can track metrics for staff activity, ensuring that no part of your organization is inefficient. 

With Checklist, you can easily set a foundation for many years of successful regulatory audits.  With a fluid and easy to use interface combined with time-savings solutions, StaffReady Checklist is natural choice for anyone who wants to revolutionize their pharmacy management practices. 

All tasks, all locations, all the time.


Create a checklist for any activity in the Pharmacy you need to track.  Specify start dates, roll-out cycles, and shifts responsible for each Checklist. Ideal for USP 797, 800, and 795. Make this solution yours by creating checklists that match your specific pharmacy needs. This is a great and easy way to ensure that you’re always complying with regulatory guidelines.


Perfect for large IDNs or a standalone pharmacy.  Checklist will centralize all of your activities in one place, secure on StaffReady's cloud. With its cloud-based storage system, your checklists will always be available from any modern internet device. It’s as easy to manage a single pharmacy as it is a hundred all from the central StaffReady application.


Management review of checklists and reports of staff activity reduce time and effort. Exercise complete oversight of tasks and the staff who complete them, including metrics. Reduce time spent on tedious clerical work.


Say goodbye to paper logs and three-ring binders. Once set up and initiated, your checklists will roll out automatically, so the only thing left to do is complete those tasks! No more time spent chasing easily misplaced papers or binders. Let the system do the work while you focus on what really matters.


Most healthcare leaders face complex demands and regulatory pressures with too few resources. StaffReady’s scheduling and compliance solutions simplify operations so you can sleep at night.