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One of the things we often encounter when working with labs across the country is the underlying fear of an inspector walking through the door at any moment.

It’s a fear that can sometimes take hold throughout an entire lab and become a distraction for managers and employees alike.

After years of witnessing this first hand, we uncovered why folks were fearing the inspector so we set out to create a solution to put these fears to rest.

We call it our Competency module and we’ve been able to design software that will help you avoid the following common deficiencies:

This is done by giving you important information at your fingertips.

Our software will tell you which employee has tasks coming due, which tasks have been completed, and which tasks are overdue.

All without the need of documenting this by hand and keeping it in a binder.

You see, back in the day, laboratories had binders full of completed paper assessments organized on shelves in a room just in case an inspector should walk in at any given moment.

When the inspector came in, you'd have to quickly thumb through all of the assessments or simply hand them over to the inspector for him/her to thumb through them.

Eventually, some assessments would get damaged or fall out of the binder requiring tape or other means of repair.

The sad thing is, this isn't a "back in the day" scenario for a lot of laboratories. In fact, we continue to visit labs who are still using paper systems today. In 2018.

Here at StaffReady, we're committed to helping reduce the number of labs that still run on paper systems by creating Competency software specifically for labs.

We take out a lot of the hassle and headache of managing assessments.

Not only that, our Competency module helps you meet CLIA requirements for Direct Observation, Monitoring of Test Results, Record Review, and Performance of Maintenance with ease.

Finally, our proficiency testing also helps you meet CLIA Requirement #5 for proficiency testing using CMS-approved vendor survey kits or blind duplicate samples.
Fully automate your competency assessment procedures and documentation. Get rid of the three-ring binders and file folders. Automatic workflows and smart triggers provide the structure and tracking you need with programmed reminders, task and assessment tracking, and remedial pathway notifications.
Master all six competency assessment procedures:
  • Direct observation
  • Monitoring test results
  • Record review
  • Performance of maintenance
  • Proficiency testing
  • Problem solving
Gain control of all types of lab testing such as high and moderate complexity and including provider performed microscopy and waived testing.
Consolidate all records for tracking and accuracy. Our complete cloud-based solution keeps your data safe and secure, with a dashboard interface offering real-time access for both managers and employees. You will be inspection ready with the ability to search all data from any screen; automatic audit trails track all tasks, changes, signatures, and date/time stamps. And, we guarantee 99.9% uptime.
Our solution quickly becomes your solution, because we can tailor it to meet governmental regulations and accreditation standards - even requirements unique to only one state. Create and customize additional standards and checklists, and develop problem solving assessments to fit your organization.


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