We Solve Competency Assessment Headaches
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StaffReady’s Competency solution allows Pharmacies of any size or complexity to manage and document staff compliance with the requirements of USP chapters 795, 797, and 800. We offer a system without the restrictions of templates or pre-designed assessments that don’t quite fit. We customize the solution to fit your needs.


Fully automate your competency assessment procedures and documentation. Get rid of the three-ring binders and file folders. Automatic workflows and smart triggers provide the structure and tracking you need with programmed reminders, task and assessment tracking, and remedial pathway notifications.


Manage multiple competency assessment procedures such as:

  • Aseptic Technique 
  • Gloved Fingertip Sampling
  • Direct Observation - such as gowning and garbing
  • Patient safety

Consolidate all records for tracking and accuracy. Our complete cloud-based solution keeps your data safe and secure, with a dashboard interface offering real-time access for both managers and employees. You will be inspection ready with the ability to search all data from any screen; automatic audit trails track all tasks, changes, signatures, and date/time stamps. And, we guarantee 99.9% uptime.


Our solution quickly becomes your solution, because we can tailor it to meet governmental regulations and accreditation standards - even requirements unique to only one state. Enter <USP> chapter competencies with ease.  Create and customize additional standards and checklists, and develop problem solving assessments to fit your organization.


Most healthcare leaders face complex demands and regulatory pressures with too few resources. StaffReady’s scheduling and compliance solutions simplify operations so you can sleep at night.